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please note: these characters are in no particular order and some of them are not quite clowns, but they are all at least clown/jester adjacent.

 cute clowns: 

Pierrot - one of the more obscure Sanrio characters. very cute and petite!! human, gender unknown, and no backstory that i know of.

Kuromi - a very well-known Sanrio mascot who serves as the punk 'tomboy' counterpart/rival for my melody. she wears a black jester's cap with a pink skull on it as well as a black jester's collar. her birthday is on halloween and she is the leader of a yakuza-esque biker gang called 'kuromi's 5' (pictured). i just absolutely adore kuromi's design and all of her themed outfits and i think it's cool that she's kind of become the mascot for more alternative people who like sanrio.

Toto - a part of Sentimental Circus, a set of San-X characters; 'stuffed animals abandoned in room recesses and on street corners that sneak away at night to form a secret circus.' toto is often seen being carried around by shappo, the ringmaster. he has a cute little red nose and does a juggling act for the circus! i honestly just love these characters and all their different outfits.

Charlotte - a witch who appears several times throughout the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Magia Record. her bio says, 'the witch of sweets. her nature is tenacity. she desires everything. she will never give up. though she is capable of creating infinite amounts of any dessert she desires, she is unable to make the cheese that she loves most.' her first form looks like a cute little doll with a polka-dotted ruffle. her second, more volatile form looks like a giant clown monster with sharp teeth. in the 3rd PMMM movie, 'The Rebellion Story', other characters call her Bebe and she is able to switch to her magical girl form, Nagisa Momoe.

Harle - a character from the RPG videogame Chrono Cross. she first appears in the game as an optional boss, but eventually is able to join the player's party. she speaks in a mix of English and French. she wears a blue and red outfit that covers everything but her face, which includes a jester's hat as well as shoes with curled toes. she pretends to align herself with the game's antagonist, but she only does so to help her achieve her main goal. i've never played the game but just looking at her design makes me want to check it out!!

Stanczyka - one of the protagonists of the light manga series Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS. she is a very mysterious jester/clown magical girl and her outfit covers the majority of her face, only exposing her nose and mouth. she doesn't speak and only communicates through gestures, but is a tough fighter. she is usually seen with some type of circus equiptment. her name is derived from Stanczyk, the most famous court jester in Polish history. i think her design is so cool and cute and i plan to read the series sometime in the future.

KusuKusu - a character from the Shugo Chara! manga and anime series. she is the guardian character (a fairy born from the egg of a child's heart) of Rima Mashiro, who enjoys comedy. when Rima is sad or in distress, she cheers her up by making funny faces. she wears a red and white polka-dotted outfit with a white ruffle collar, a red matching hat with a green pompom, and white jester-style shoes. Rima and KusuKusu can 'character transform' (fuse together) in battle to create Clown Drop, who looks like Rima but wears a jester-like outfit with a queen of hearts theme. i had actually never heard of this anime but it sounds really cute and wholesome so i'll definitely watch it eventually.

Pietro/Juppetti - a sheep villager from the Animal Crossing videogame series. his hobby is music and his personality type is smug. he has a typical clown look with a big red nose and smile. he has a tear under one eye and a heart around the other and always has a colorful outfit on. in the Pocket Camp mobile game, his profile reads 'some people think Pietro's unique look is charming... but most are just creeped out by his whole deal.' well, i personally think he's adorable and i have him on my ACNH island!

Bimbi - a Squishmallow from the 2022 'Halloween Squad' collection. they are a very traditional-looking clown with a red fuzzy wig, big red nose, and white facepaint. their bio reads, 'Bimbi graduates from clown academy this year! Bimbi is so excited to be a professional clown. they're perfecting a comedy routine, so they can start working right away, not only does Bimbi have perfect comedic timing, they're also a talented tap dancer!' yeah, that's right, Bimbi has they/them pronounns!! i really hope to get my hands one one of these Squishmallows but i'm not sure if they will be available in 2023 and they are very expensive on ebay.

Princess Honey - one of the main characters from the 90's videogame series Kid Klown, particularly Crazy Chase and Crazy Chase 2: Love Love Hani Soudatsusen (a Japan-only release). her role is to be the damsel in distress so that Kid Klown can save her from the villain of the series, Black Jack, who is also a clown. she has blonde hair, blue eyes, a red clown nose, and a pink and white dress. she's very cute, so i get why Kid Klown has such a big crush on her!

Attilio Caccini - a character from the video game Balan Wonderworld and its novelization, Balan Wonderworld -Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders- . he wears a red, yellow, and white jester-like outfit and a smiling clown mask; underneath the mask, he has short green hair and blue eyes. he is a performer/entertainer at Christmas Rose Amusement Park, where he first saw the girl who plays the princess in the parade and developed a huge crush on her. because he is afraid she will reject his feelings, he is initially too shy to confess to her. this leads to the corruption of his heart, creating the boss Princess Marey, but he eventually gains the strength to confess and is accepted by the girl he loves! i think his design is super cute and the his story seems really sweet, though i have not played the game or read the novel.

Pielope - a main antagonist in the adventure/puzzle video game World's End Club. she is a robot clown/jester mascot with somewhat cat-like features. she floats and her body is a mix of red, black, white, and gold. she forces the go-getters club, a group of misfit 6th-graders, to fight for their lives in a 'game of fate' in an underwater themepark. she tends to taunt and tease the players to keep the game lively. i think her design is very unique and i'm really interested to play this game now!

Joka - an evil jester-like imp from the Klonoa videogame series. he first appears in Door to Phantomile and becomes a recurring antagonist. he has a big red grin, a red and yellow striped body, and purple jester shoes. in most iterations, he does not have limbs but floats with his hands and feet visible. he also has a 'beast form' that kinda looks like a colorful dinosaur. i personally think his design is super cute, even if he's a bad guy!!

Dimentio - on of the main villains in the videogame Super Paper Mario. he can manipulate dimensions, teleport, duplicate items, and become invisible. he has the appearance of a jester with a pointed cap and cape with a ruffle as well as shoes with pointed toes. his face also resembles a theatrical mask and he is almost always smiling. what i like about him is that at first he seems to be a loyal henchman to the primary antagonist, but by the end of the game Dimentio usurps the title of main villain and becomes the final boss!

Clownpiece - a character from the Touhou Project, a series of danmaku shooting video games, first seen in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. she is also a protagonist in Visionary Fairies in Shrine, a Touhou quarterly manga. she is a fairy of Hell and known for being mischievious. her leggings and dress look like the american flag and she has a purple jester's hat and fairy wings. she carries around a torch that she can use to make people go insane, as her character is based on lampads, nymph companions of the Greek goddess Hecate. i think her background is really cool and her design is super cute, so i use her a lot when i play the mobile game Touhou LostWorld.

Omaru Polka - a Japanese 5th-generation hololive vtuber. she makes music, uploads letsplays and other videos, and hosts notably long livestreams without taking a break. she loves to laugh and crack jokes and even has a vibraphone and rubber chicken that she uses for gags during her livestreams. her outfit resembles a jester and has a red, blue, white, and gold colorsheme and she has the ears and tail of a fennec fox. she often calls her fans/viewers her 'troupe' and because of her all-around talent, these fans say that she's actually 'the entire circus' and not just a clown. i don't personally watch many livestreams but i did watch some of her videos and thought she seemed pretty funny and likable; you can check her out here!

 sexy clowns:

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 cool clowns:

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my favorite clowns!

this page is dedicated to the fictional clown characters that i really like/enjoy. some of the ones i list are going to be mainly based on aesthetics because i haven't watched/played the source material, but for the most i plan to do so eventually! with that, please enjoy and leave a comment on my guestbook if you want to share your thoughts!!